Special Guests

Here is just some of the amazing people you are going to meet at Midwest Brony Fest!


Andrea Libman

Andrea Libman

Andrea Libman has worked as a voice over actor for more than twenty years. She has had roles on numerous animated TV series, including Madeline in Madeline and The New Adventures of Madeline, Emmy in DragonTales, young AndrAIa in Reboot, and Cathy in Monster Buster Club. Recently, she’s played Cylindria on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, and Lemon Meringue, Pupcake and Princess Berrykin in Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures.

She recently won the Union of BC Performers Award for Best Voice for her portrayal of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Andrea also teaches and plays the piano, enjoys running, skiing, snowboarding, yoga and volunteer work. She holds her Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Kazumi Evans

Kazumi Evans

We know Kazumi Evans best as the singing voice of Rarity and Princess Luna, however Kazumi also voiced Adagio Dazzle and Octavia in Rainbow Rocks! Besides singing and voice acting, Kazumi is also a dancer and an actress.

Kazumi hails from the our neighbors to the north. She was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Her first performance took place in a talent show on board a cruise ship at the age of 9, and from there on in she has loved being on the stage.

Initially trained to be a ballet dancer, she attended the pre-professional ballet programs with The Goh Ballet, The Richmond Academy of Dance, and The Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet while performing in musicals and television on the side. In 2007, she auditioned and was chosen to be a competitor on the CBC show Triple Sensation produced by Garth Drabinsky. After making it as a top six finalist on the show she knew she wanted to delve into all aspects of the entertainment business.

Since then she has earned her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Opera Performance, and has been performing professionally with companies such as Royal City Musical Theater, Gateway Theater, Vancouver Opera, Arts Club, and The Vancouver Playhouse Theater. She has also lent her voice to animation series with notable companies such as Voice Box, Ocean Studios, Vidaspark Productions, DHX Media, and KOKO Productions.

When not performing, Kazumi enjoys long distance running and writing.

Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom)



MichelleCreber153_WEB - cropped 3.2 ratioMICHELLE CREBER is a 15-year-old Canadian performing artist who has a busy career on screen, on stage and in the studio as an actor, singer, dancer, musician and song-writer. She is known internationally as the speaking/singing voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice for most of “Sweetie Belle’s” songs on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Michelle is the youngest regular MLP cast member and was only 10 during season one, when her epic gospel vocals were featured on “Hush Now Quiet Now”. Other notable voiceover credits: “Lucy” in Peanuts(Warner Bros), “Alice” in Martha Speaks (PBS Kids) and characters on Dinosaur Train (Jim Henson). Onscreen credits include “Kelly” in the gritty Western series Strange Empire (CBC),Smart Cookies (Hallmark), Killer Among Us (Lifetime), The Haunting Hour (The Hub), Supernatural (CW) and Eureka (NBC). Michelle’s extensive musical theatre experience includes playing “Annie” in Annie, “Dorothy” in The Wizard of Oz and “Brigitta” in The Sound of Music. Michelle’s debut album Timeless: Songs of a Century was followed by A Creber Christmas and At Home. All feature vocal style, power and versatility that defy her young age, and have been embraced by fans worldwide. A frequent collaborator, Michelle has released songs with Andrea Libman, Daniel Ingram, The Living Tombstone, MandoPony, Mic the Microphone and Steffan Andrews. After a successful cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It with Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n), Michelle and Gabe have continued to work together, recording, performing, touring, creating comedy sketches and releasing original co-written songs.


GABRIEL BROWN (Black Gryph0n)

Gabriel C. Brown - headshot #2

GABRIEL BROWN (aka Black Gryph0n) is a 25-year-old American singer, actor, voice actor, songwriter and animator who is one of the MLP fandom’s most popular and versatile artists. Musically, Gabe first became known for such songs as Proud To Be A Brony and Paper Sky. As an animator, his “licious” series (TwilightLicious, Rainbowlicious, etc) was a huge hit. He is also a popular “reactor” on ACRacebest’s Bronies React series. At the age of 18, Gabe joined the US Navy and was training in special operations when he broke his femur in a sky diving accident. He switched to the Navy’s music department and spent three years touring the Eastern Hemisphere as lead singer for the 7th Fleet Band Orient Express. He was awarded three Achievement Medals as “a superb vocalist/entertainer”, singing authentically in 12 languages during hundreds of engagements. Now separated from active duty with an honourable discharge, Gabe has a full-time career as a performing artist and has an extensive following around the world. An experienced session singer, Gabe’s voice is on season five of MLP and other shows including lead vocals on the theme song for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. After a successful collaborative cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It with Michelle Creber (voice of Apple Bloom), Gabe & Michelle have continued to work together; recording, performing, touring, creating comedy sketches and releasing original co-written songs. Gabe has also released IMmortal, a collection of original songs with his brother Baasik, including hits like Crusader, Academy and Zero Gravity.


Monique Creber

IMG_0934 cropped - colour adjusted B

MONIQUE CREBER is based in Vancouver, Canada and has a multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry. As a singer, Monique is an engaging performer with a rich alto voice that has been described as “eerily similar to that of the late, great Karen Carpenter” (The Province). Studio/TV vocal credits include My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Smile Song, Hearth Carol &Super Speedy Cider Squeezy in addition to conducting the choir on At the Gala), Martha Speaks, George of the Jungle and The Collector. Monique has produced songs for commercials, audiobooks, two Hallmark movies and many albums including Michelle Creber’s Timeless (featuring The Living Tombstone, Daniel Ingram and MandoPony), At Home (the Crebers, Andrea Libman & Gabriel Brown), A Creber Christmas and her own original CD, All For You. Performance highlights include appearances as a featured vocalist with Canadian and American symphonies, on numerous TV and radio shows and as an anthem singer at NHL games. In theatre, Monique’s musical director credits include The Wizard of Oz, Joseph, The Sound of Music and Grease. Acting credits include “Marmee” in Little Women and “Mrs. Greer” in Annie. Monique has taught vocals, piano and musical theatre extensively, including running her own music school for thirty years. Currently, she divides her time between the studio, stage and set; managing her own work in addition to the busy careers of her daughter Michelle (voice of Apple Bloom), Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n) and Natalie Sharp. Monique also coaches singers, actors and voice actors in person and via Skype.




We are extremely honored and happy to announce the wonderful WhiteDove-Creations is coming to Midwest Bronyfest! For the past four years WhiteDove has been creating her show accurate extremely high quality plushes and they are loved and addored by hundred and thousands of fans.

Sherry is married and a mother of two grown children, who are both artist in their own right. White-Dove is famous for making plushies for Lauren Faust and the voice actors of the show. She is also well known for her charity work.

We’ve been told that those who attend her panel have a chance of winning one of her plushies!

Jessi Nowack

Jessi Nowack

Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack is a voice actress, parody writer, and a member of the group Elite3, (creators of “Pokémon ‘Bridged,” “Dark Swamp,” “Twitchémon,” and other works.) An actress since age six, Jessi has lent her voice to video games, anime, animations, over 100 internet parodies, and more.

She is most known in the brony community for voicing Vinyl Scratch in various animations and songs such as “Epic Wub Time,” “Pony Rock Anthem,” and “I Am Octavia.” She also plays LittlePip in “Fallout Equestria: The Radioplay,” Gilda in “Turnabout Storm,” and herself in “Winter’s F***ed Up” by AnimatedJames. Jessi can also be seen in many episodes of “Bronies React.”

For non-horse things, she is the writer and editor of “Dark Swamp” and co-writer of “Pokémon ‘Bridged,” in which she lends her voice to various characters. She also voices Seras (Police Girl) in “Hellsing Ultimate Abridged,” Sasha in “Attack on Titan Abridged,” (both produced by TeamFourStar,) and Hyprelynx in “TOME.” Jessi can also be heard as Izumi in the English dub of “Queens Blade Rebellion.”

Legend tells that when she was a child, she drank some of the liquid out of a glow stick when her mom wasn’t paying attention. As she is alive today, we can only assume she is indestructible.

Michael Hecht

Michael Hecht

Michael “1KidsEntertainment” Hecht is a member of the group Elite3, (creators of “Pokémon ‘Bridged,” “Dark Swamp,” “Twitchémon,” and other works.) He is editor/co-writer of “Pokémon ‘Bridged” and provides a good chunk of voices in it. He can also be heard as Benny in “Dark Swamp,” Kakuja in TeamFourStar’s “Lord Slug Abridged”, the bully in “Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show” by LittleKuriboh, and Elescope in “TOME.”
He also plays dying extras in various episodes of TeamFourStar’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys yelling at microphones, eating his weight in ice cream, and making Nowacking write his bio for him. What a dummy.

The Brony Chef

The Brony Chef

The Brony Chef, a professional chef that, has been creating recipes inspired from the show since 2012, author of The Brony Cookbook, which contains 30 recipes inspired from the ponies on the show! Plus some Voice Actors collab.

The Brony Chef became a brony in 2012 thanks to his niece that forced him to watch the show, but when she was diagnosed with leukemia, he started to watch the show and he created a strong bond with her, and he started creating recipes for her, unfortunately his niece, passed away in 2013, but instead of leaving the Fandom, he got inspired from the memories of the amazing moments he had with his niece and he started creating recipes for the fandom. And now he comes to Midwest Brony Fest to cook for us… So what are you waiting for!!

Emily Jones

Emily Jones

Emily Jones is the host of Pegasisters Live! Are you a member of the chatty box?! Emily and Lexi stream every other Sunday and talk about ponies, cosplay, video games, and animation!

Emily is also a voice actoress and vocalist! You may know her from the popular animated series “C-Students” as Nicole and other additional voices as well as many Brony written songs such as “Here On The Moon” by 4Everfreebrony, as well as “Turning Over a New Leaf” by Mandopony! She was also featured in other songs like Sim Gretina’s “Game of Love” and “Cherry Tree” along with Donglekumquat’s “Tub”!

When Emily isn’t doing horse related things, she is geeking out over Max Goof and playing Smash Brothers. She also loves to cosplay and has been cosplaying since she was 13 years old!



Solrac (also known as Yaplap) unintentionally joined the fandom after posting a “Leak” of the Second Season’s MLP:FiM Intro, only to blast away the viewer with an ear-shattering, yet oddly entertaining screaming cover. Since then, Solrac continued to scream various MLP:FiM songs, collaborated with various Brony Musicians, and teamed up with ACRacebest to create the infamous “Bronies React” series.

Besides shouting to the top of his lungs, Solrac has a great vision for new and original projects, such as the Never-Ending tribute to Fan-art: SOLRACUEST or the upcoming Animated Series: Solrac Ventures. Is it his burning passion to create, or devastating anger he applies into his work? Or his love to entertain an audience? Or his flowing mane, that make Solrac so widely loved by almost everyone he meets.

If you see him walking around the con, don’t be afraid to greet him, he loves to make new friends! (Don’t worry, he won’t shout at you, too loudly.)



The Queen of becoming your waifu IRL is coming to Midwest Bronyfest! No, it isn’t Queen Chrysalis (good guess though!)
It’s the always adorable and eternally energetic Bloo!

Though she has been an actor since her birth, from commercials to theater to indie film to voice acting, Bloo became
intoxicated by the wide world of cosplay as well as the magic of friendship all in one walloping magical pony transformation sparkle punch in 2012. Her longtime friend Mads confided that she was going to a brand new MLP convention, but was too scared to cosplay alone. Not being the type to ever skip out on an opportunity for fun, Bloo quickly threw together a DJ Pon3 outfit using everyday clothes from her closet and a wig obtained through Etsy. Since then, many have seen her creating costumes, hosting events, and being a goober all while staying (mostly) in character throughout the conventions in her home of the the Pacific Northwest. In 2014, Bloo began to be recognized by the community for her spot-on cosplay and performance as Sunset Shimmer over the summer, and during the fall, her Sonata Dusk.

This year, Bloo will be visiting as many conventions as possible, where she plans to teach many curious ponies about the art of cosplay, acting, and bringing a character to life. She is also looking forward to meeting many new friends to make her trademark fish face with. After all, fish face is magic.


Haruka Imaishi

Haruka Imaishi

Midwest Brony Fest welcomes Haruka Imaishi!

Haruka is the creative lead behind Studio Kazoku, a cloud-based independent animation studio responsible for the fan-animated MLP fanfilm “Journey of the Spark” and the upcoming animated series “The Longest Brawl,” based on the Super Smash Bros. video game series created by Nintendo.

Haruka is currently studying Film and Japanese culture at Orange Coast College in sunny Southern California. She is excited to be attending Midwest Brony Fest, and she hopes to bring her a-game and share her experiences in film production and animation.


Hayley Nelson


Hayley Nelson (Haylizbeth) is a Kansas City native singer and actress who have performed in countless shows at various venues such as Starlight Theatre, The Kauffman Center, and the Coterie Theatre. She is better known in the pony fandom for her singing with brony musicians/singers such as The L-Train, Carbon Maestro, and Jen McGregor. Since the start of her online alias a little over a year ago, she has branched out online as a voice actress, collaborating with up-and-coming and well-known YouTube, Newgrounds, independent, and professional animators on various projects.

Aside from her work as an actress and singer, she is currently studying at Ringling College of Art and Design to earn her BFA in Motion Design.


Momo Bunny Cosplay

Momo Bunny Cosplay

Tatiana Schaffer (also known as Momo Bunny Cosplay) started cosplaying actively at conventions in 2009 at Naka Kon. Before that she was cosplaying before she even knew what it was (her first cosplay was Sailor Moon when she was five. She never took it off!)!

Her cosplay covers a wide variety of Fandoms, from Doctor Who to Harley Quinn! She loves to show her love for all of her nerdy obsessions, especially My Little Pony since there is so much room for creativity when it comes to creating the characters.
She has also done quite a few anime cosplays. To name a few: High School of the Dead, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Death Note, Mirai Nikki and Princess Jellyfish.
Other cosplays are Luna Lovegood, and Toothiana which she won best Master Cosplayer for last Naka Kon in the hall contest. :)
She also makes original designs such as her Fall Fairy and Armored Kairi from Kingdom Hearts.

Her MLP cosplays are endless! DJ PON3, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Sweetie Belle.
She will be debuting Princess Luna along with another secret MLP cosplay at MWBF, and she plans on making many more in the future!

She will also be attending Planet Comic Con, A-Kon, Wizard World Chicago, and Sausomecon this year, hopefully more!