Our convention schedule is now confirmed. You can view the full schedule by accessing the Google Spreadsheet below.

View the Schedule

Here are some of the key event times from the schedule:
2PM - Opening Ceremony
2:45PM – Hoof in the Door (All VA Guests)
4:30PM – Autograph Signing (All VA Guests)
6PM – YouTube 101 (Michelle Creber & Black Gryph0n)
7PM – LOUDER Concert
11AM – Show VA Panel
12:15PM – Community VA Panel
1:15PM – Autograph Signing (All VA Guests)
2:45PM – Cosplay Contest
3:45PM – PonyvilleFM Panel
7PM – LOUDER Concert
10AM – Cosplay 101
11:30AM – Music & Madness (Michelle Creber & Black Gryph0n)
12:45PM – Autograph Signing (All VA Guests)
2:30PM – Charity Auction (in aid of Child’s Play)
4PM – Closing Ceremony
For further details and info on all the events in the schedule, please refer to the full convention schedule.
Please note that the schedule can be revised at any time and events can be moved or cancelled without notice.